Rank Upgrades

All ranks and rank upgrades are lifetime, and are given on all gamemodes, as long as you have joined that game mode at least once.

To use rank upgrades you must already have a rank on New Republic

- To upgrade rank you must have the rank below it. Example: To use Guardian upgrade, you need to be Elder Rank already.

How to upgrade
- When you have bought the upgrade, in game type /store-upgrades and select your unlocked rank.

Initiate » Ringleader 1.00 EUR
Ringleader » Elder 2.00 EUR
Elder » Guardian 2.00 EUR
Guardian » Templar 2.00 EUR
God » Wraith 10.00 EUR
Templar » Dignitary 3.50 EUR
Dignitary » Prophet 6.00 EUR
Prophet » Demigod 10.00 EUR
Demigod » God 10.00 EUR
Wraith » Titan 10.00 EUR
Titan » Zeus 10.00 EUR
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